GeoGames can change the way you participate in urban planning!

GeoGames are participatory games for urban planning that complement and optimize the conventional process of public participation. They offer the advantage to address important development issues in a playful way. Making the process of participation enjoyable in form of a game is an innovative way to incite residents and other interested citizens to take an active role in the plan making process. With GeoGames, you receive a tool to show and discuss your ideas in a creative way.

GeoGames offer the following advantages:

  • They can engage, animate and attract citizens with their playful and fun concepts
  • They are designed to attract many citizens in urban planning  processes
  • They revolutionize the design of public participatory processes in urban planning
  • They can be offered online, anytime, anyplace and are easily accessible for everybody with an internet access
  • They are intuitive, easy to be played by all age groups and can be  developed in different languages.

“playful and creative – inclusive  – informative”

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