Alenka Poplin


Assistant Professor. Enthusiastic researcher. World traveler.

I am passionate about novel ways of involving residents in urban planning. I believe we need to give a voice to under-represented residents and we need to design the process in a playful way. I am particularly interested in developing technological & playful solutions that could attract marginalized residents. The central question for my work: How can we utilize serious games to attract more people to participate and co-create our living environment? I hold a PhD in Geoinformation Science from Vienna University of Technology. I am the founder and director of the GeoGames Lab.

Bruno de Andrade

Brunno iguaçu

Assistant Professor. Architect – Gamer. Researcher – Flanêur.
Heritage and Values chair, Heritage and Architecture section, Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology, Bouwkunde, TU Delft.

I love connecting with people and getting to know what makes them feel happy and healthy in historic cities. I work with the concept of ‘ludic city’ by Henri Lefebvre and ‘homo ludens’ by Johan Huizinga. I’m interested in how play and games can support the recognition of heritage values and the co-design of sustainable futures. I hold a PhD in Architecture and Urbanism from UFMG, Brazil with a PhD Visiting at the TU Wien, Austria.

Ítalo Sousa de Sena

Italo_20181122_155044 (2)

Geographer. Minecraft player. Real and virtual world explorer.

I am curious about how civilization shaped landscapes over the centuries. In particular how we use geodiversity and build cultural values on it. I believe that games can engage people to perceive the world around us in a fun way. Geography teacher with a PhD in Geography from Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Recently started a post-doc in Virtual Geographic Environment at Masaryk University, Czechia.

Santhi Buddabathini 


Data Scientist. Loves designing graphics and painting.

Santhi is a MSc in Management information systems from Iowa State University. She also worked at Accenture Pvt. Ltd as a developer. She currently develops and implements game prototypes by using necessary programming languages. She was actively involved in the implementation of  e-footsteps game.

Brandon Klein

Urban planner. Inspired GIS user. Loves dogs.

Brandon is a Community and Regional Planning graduate student with a focus on GIS. His interests are in transit-oriented developments and is currently conducting research on games and their successful implementation to retrieve home-energy preference data

Abhilash Kolluri

Abhilash is a computer scientists and holds a B.Sc in computer science. Currently he is a master student in computer science at Iowa State University. He implements our prototypes and collaborates in selecting game platforms.

Arindam Roy

Arindam Roy

Planner. Architect. Photographer.

I am a fun loving cheerful person having a passion for creation. Objective: To use geogames as a platform for inclusive planning approach. Arindam holds a B.Sc. in architecture from Iowa State University and a M.Sc. in urban planning. Congratulations for his PhD position at the University of Cincinnati!

German office

Patrick Felsch

Patrick is an urban planner, and holds a M.Sc. in urban planning from the HafenCity University Hamburg.

Björn Landahl

Björn is the desiger of the B3 game, urban planner, and holds a B.Sc. in urban planning from the HafenCity University hamburg.

Bärbel Reinart

Bärbel is an urban planner and geographer. She holds M.Sc. in urban planning from the HafenCity University Hamburg and B.Sc. in Geography from the Rheinisch-Westfälische University Aachen.

Florian Schmidt

Florian is the designer of the B3 game, urban planner and holds a M.Sc. of urban planning from the HafenCity University Hamburg.

Jan Thomas

Jan helped in the initial phases of founding GeoGames Lab and has always been a very active member. He holds a M.Sc. in urban planning from the HafenCity University Hamburg.