CPR450: GeoDesign

Geodesign combines computer-based visioning, design and spatial visualization. This course concentrates on designing future developments, visions, scenarios, and 3D visualizations. It focuses on the fundamental principles of Geodesign and how can they be applied in practical study cases, projects and applications. Students will select their study site, which can be a building, a neighborhood or a city landscape. They will collect digital data about the selected site and analyze the situation using a geographic information system (GIS). Students will experiment with different visualizations, learn how to use ESRI ArcGIS and CityEngine software, how to combine and integrate spatial data, and design 3D city- and landscape models based on GIS data. After attending this class, students will be able to better understand the concepts and approaches of Geodesign, its applications and the technologies that can be used to support Geodesign processes. For more details click on the link below.